This single will be featured in my album that drops on April 28th.

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Exclusively on SoundCloud

Access private links to my SoundCloud page to listen to music that I produced in my early stages of learning about music production. Tap on the album image to open the link.

Cruising In The MX-5

Compilation of four tracks that I made in the first month that I started learning about music production.

Commander 88

I spent 3 months producing these 9 tracks to learn the basics of production like adding reverb, delays, sidechaining and automation.

A B O U T  M E


Electronic pop and dance music producer, artist, and songwriter from Houston, Texas. My music journey began in April of 2022.

Producing my first song, "Lemon Yellow Hummer" was a big step for me because it showed me aspects of music production that I was never aware of and needed to understand. The level of commitment involved in making music is above anything I've ever done. I love taking on new challenges that broaden my perspective. My biggest inspirations come from many individuals, various organizations, and my life experiences. Thank you to all my listeners, supporters, and everyone who took the time to learn more about me. I will continue to share my passion for music.



Beyond Music

I continuously experiment with lighting effects and taking pictures to capture and express my artistry.

SXSW 2023

I attended the South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas for the first time.

In The Studio

When I'm making music, I always prefer working in dark mode.

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