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My latest pop single, Danger In The Storm is out now!

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January 2023

Danger In The Storm

Pop single. Danger!

October 2022

Neon Lamborghini

Electropop single.

September 2022

Commander 88

Electronic nine-track instrumental album. Inspired by 90s video games, synth-wave and techno.

May 2022

Lemon Yellow Hummer

Pop and old-school rap single.

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A B O U T  M E

I'm a music producer, artist, and singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas, and currently majoring in Computer Science. My music journey began in April of 2022.

Producing my first song, "Lemon Yellow Hummer" was a big step for me because it showed me aspects of music production that I was never aware of and needed to understand. The level of commitment involved in making music is above anything I've ever done. I love taking on new challenges that broaden my perspective. My biggest inspirations come from many individuals, various organizations, and my life experiences.

Thank you to all my listeners, supporters, and everyone who took the time to learn more about me. I will continue to share my passion for music.


DJ Sexy Ana


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